Japanese Housewife starts a Petition Against Olympics 2020 Plans

Jasmina Lozevska October 19, 2013 0

The Olympics 2020 have been the source of many problematic debates, news reports, protests and many more things. The one we all know about is the protest about the design of Tokyo Olympics 2020 stadium. Some like it, some think it’s too futuristic. Some even have plans about how to change it.

Now, there’s something new connected with the Olympics 2020. A housewife from Yokohama has signed and submitted a petition to the Tokyo government. She started the petition wanting to ask the government to not go forward with the plan of using one wildlife park in Tokyo as a location for canoe course. This canoe course is for the international sporting event. Shizuka Watahiki is 40 years old. As she claims, she has gathered more than 15 000 signatures and is determined to succeed in her mission. Her petition can be signed through the online site for petitions change.org.

Shizuka wants to protect the Kasai Rinkai Park. She says that this park has been developing for the past 25 years, and is a great place, so, it shouldn’t be allowed for some canoe course event which will last for 5 or 6 days, and is meant only for the Olympics, to destroy such a beautiful place. She had a small press conference on Wednesday and said that now she’s planning to translate the petition and thus collect signatures from the whole world. In the end, she could submit her petition to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). She even claims that from what she’s seen, the government of Tokyo doesn’t have any plans on changing the location for the canoe course event.

peititon against olympics 2020

The petition of Watahaki has a strong support from the Wild Bird Society in Japan. They are supporting the petition because the Kasai Rinkai Park is the home of around 226 species of wild birds. The Kasai Rinkai Park is located in Edogawa Ward in Tokyo. This Environmental group, Wild Bird Society, is protecting the natural habitats of birds in the whole country, so this problem affects them too.

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